About Me

How is the site owner feelin' today? Let's find out! The current mood of C04X14L at www.imood.com

Just a little guy! A critter, if you would. Creature, even. (That's what I am!)

...Oh yeah, the site? Just a time-sink that I work on when I don't want to face my responsibilities. I like to do silly things with it! Put my more coherant thoughts to words, make pages I simply enjoy looking at, and most importantly ones that remind me of being a silly kid on the tail end of the old web. Hence the old graphics. (Though I break the illusion occasionally... I try not to, but sometimes I find a really cute modern GIF and can't help myself.) This site won't be too deep, but I hope you have fun. I hope it's as much a break from reality for you as it is for me.

Let's go home.