Christmas Specials

by C04X14L, November 1st, 2022

Did you know that not everyone lives in America? Crazy, right? On that note, something tells me not all my visits know the same certified hood classic Christmas specials I do. I will thus review each of my favorites and say where to watch it, I cannot be bothered to add links. Bonus points, I'll include some of my favorite Christmas YouTube videos too, a few of those are essentially Christmas classics to me! Same level of effort as real specials, too! And free :)

And side note, limited edition article! Special for Christmas only!!

1. Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer

You should understand why this is on the list. Obvious reasons. A classic story, and it looks cute! I also like the noise Rudolph's nose makes, it's really cute.

If you're unaware of the story, it's about a reindeer with a red nose who gets bullied a lot. One Christmas the visibility in the sky is bad, and since Rudolf's nose lights up so bright, he becomes Santa's headlights. For this he is regarded as a Christmas hero and becomes well-respected by his family and friends. It really shows how the other reindeer's priorities lie. If you can't handle Rudolf at his worst, you don't deserve him at his best.

2. Frosty The Snowman

Only the first, not the second. Avoid the sequel movies like the plague, it has a weird story, new characters, and is overall not as good. Looking it up, it wasn't made by the same people, ignores continuity, and was made like thirty years later. On this domain, we only respect the real Frosty. If fake Frosty wants respect, he needs to find who he really is instead of committing identity theft.

For the uninitiated, it's a movie about a magical snowman who teaches kids about the true meaning of Christmas, and needs to get to the North Pole before he melts. It has that delicious retro animation look. Anything that was actually hand drawn, cell-animated has a death grip on my heart. I'm sure you could guess my favorite season of SpongeBob.

3. It's a Charlie Brown Christmas

Despite the overtly religious tones, it's still a classic. What always got me was the Christmas farm scene, as a kid it look so dated in all the right ways. Seeing the pink Christmas trees and other scenery as a kid was so weird, but also ethereal in a way. It was such a well designed scene that stuck out compared to the rest of the special which had more muted colors and less flashy visuals. Also, the music goes so hard, the Vince Guaraldi Trio put their whole jazzussy into each of the Charlie Brown specials, and I feel honored just to witness it. The Thanksgiving special is also worth your time. Really, all the specials are worth your time.

4. It's A SpongeBob Christmas! / Christmas Who? (Paramount Plus)

Either of these are worthwhile watches. There's other winter-y SpongeBob episodes, but these are my picks. It's A SpongeBob Christmas! is iconic for how it replicated those stop-motion Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. Visually it's good and has a banger soundtrack, but it's otherwise not anything to write home about as the story is pretty mid. Still festive and fun, though! Christmas Who? is also a good watch, and has some funny moments. I'd also recommend looking up the very last shot, as it's on at least four layers of irony, so far removed from the source material I can't even remember what it means.

It's A SpongeBob Christmas! is about the main antagonist Plankton trying to ruin Christmas through the means of chemically spiked fruit cake, making the consumer of it cranky. SpongeBob is able to save everyone through song. (A very good song, might I add.)

Christmas Who? is about Sandy bringing the holiday of Christmas to Bikini Bottom. The townsfolk eagerly await Santa's visit, only for him not to show up. Squidward feels bad about how let down SpongeBob is and takes the place of Santa. At the end, Santa himself cameos and says how proud of Squidward he is.

5. Drake and Josh Christmas movie (Paramount Plus)

Listen bro, idc what you think of Drake Bell, he still was in one of the most iconic Christmas movies for kids my age, so quiet down for a just a minute. It's an iconic movie with a good story and good characters, and some good songs. Honestly a solid watch, except that the main girl was low-key annoying. And Josh's hair looks so creepy.

I could summarize the plot of this one, or you could watch it. It's pretty off the rails, but in short Drake and Josh become literal criminals and have to have a really good Christmas.

6. The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix)

I genuinely have no words for this one, just take my word for it. It's hard to create a modern Christmas masterpiece, but by god they did it. The most impressive part was the visuals, as it is STUNNING. I won't summarize the plot on this one since its been a year since I watched it and I don't want to spoil it for this year's watch through, but it's classic "kids get into North Pole shenanigans and befriend Santa". I really liked how they portrayed Santa, he was a bit more witty than the normal Santa, but not to the point of unlikeability.


I won't summarize these ones as much, instead you'll get some HYPERLINKS!!!

RebelTaxi Christmas Videos - (Rapsitte Street Kids history video linked.) Really cool YouTube guy with a 2000s aesthetic, great music taste, and great editing skills. Funny commentary, though his Halloween videos are a bit more iconic imo. Linked my favorite of his Christmas reviews.

Scott The Woz Christmas specials - (A Madden 08 Christmas linked.) Fantastic production value, funny writing, and interesting video game facts. Very skit-heavy with his friends, but the lore isn't usually important in the Christmas episodes. He also commissions new orchestral Christmas music almost every year, and it really pulls it all together. It's A Bargain Bin Christmas wins in the sound design category.

Toonrific Tariq Peanuts Review - This man LOVES Charlie Brown, and he also makes baller videos. I've found some new favorite songs from him, go check his channel out. Makes great 2000s cartoon series retrospectives.

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