This is a page full of links to places that I like! If you want your link on this page, leave a note in the guestbook, on my profile, the main page comments, or hmu at @C04X14L on Twitter! Regradless of where you message me, I'll eventually see it.

If you want your button removed, contact me through one of the above means!

If you find that someone should not be listed on this page, please leave that in the guestbook! In this day and age, lots of unsavory people get found out, and I'm not one for keeping up with that, so I might not find out in a timely manner. I'd take down this page entirely as a preventative measure, but there's so many cool sites that need to get views that I'd hate to nuke the page entirely just because I have no way of knowing which of the apples are bad. I want the sites that deserve it to get shared. I hate drama, but if you find valid reason a button should not be listed, let me know alongside valid evidence. I'm sorry for this notice, but it needs to be stated, as I've found a few listed sites were unsavory in recent months. (It's always a really awesome site with a crappy owner, smh)

If you wanna link back, My epic, cool, new, totally not repurposed button is found below!

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