Hot Girl Fortune Zone

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Have you ever wanted to know what your fortune was? From an idiot who doesn't know what they're doing? Well, you're in luck! I'm here. Check back sometimes and I'll (maybe) update this page.

Disclaimer: This is 90% bullshit, but your future is what you make of it! Everything happens for a reason, so maybe a silly fortune will add that little extra bit of spice you needed in your day, even if I completely made it up. At least... that's what I tell myself when I have a bad day and try to make it better with Walmart cupcakes.

Aquarius - You know that old movie H2O? With the mermaids? Go watch it!!

Pisces - You should go buy one of those neon tetra fish they sell at Petco. Pisces is all about fish, go be with your people!

Aries - Have you heard of Jschlatt? He makes funny videos and his mascot is a sheep! Like you! Go check him out, I bet you need a laugh!

Taurus - A nice, big burger will bring good luck!! Idk why, it just will!! (I recommend Wendy's! The 4 for $4 is a great deal, and super tasty!)

Gemini - Go check out aesthetic Pinterest boards! Also, Webcore playlists are great music to go with it!

Cancer - Don't be so stressed! You might not have an opportunity to relax, but know that it'll come soon.

Leo - Luck awaits you at the local cat cafe. Bonus points if you wear jewelry with a green gemstone. (Bright green!)

Virgo - Go buy a cake. You deserve it! It might even be half as sweet as you are!

Libra - You are probably a very nice person, I'd love to hang out with you!! You're probably going to catch feels for someone very soon, and it will either go very well, or very bad. You will know. If not, ask your close friend, who will surely lead you in the right direction. They will always be there for you. (And if not, maybe re-evaluate your relationship with them...)

Scorpio - You want to do something impulsive. You probably shouldn't, but do it. it's gonna be so fun.

Sagittarius - Relax! You feel stressed, but don't be SO relaxed you put off your responsibilities! The line between self-care and willfully ignoring responsibilities is fine, but you need to know where it is.

Capricorn - You should go watch a Vine compilation. I don't know why, you just should!

Let's go home!