Gateway DX Series Information Page

This is a page about information on the Gateway DX series computer. I am making it because the information on this computer is next to none, and it frustrates me to no end. As always, use Ctrl/Cmd+F to find what you need. There will not be much on this page, but I want it to be out there anyways. Why have a home page if you're not going to use it to fill the gaps in the Internet?

Also, please keep in mind that I'm a busy college student, so this page might be slow in terms of updates. Plus, I'm pretty sure three people actively use this computer. Something tells me it didn't sell very well, so I'm marketing to a niche demographic, but that's my entire brand! I love niche things, so if I help even one person, that rocks. Good luck fixing your epic 2011 desktop PC!

And for judgmental passerby's, I still use this thing because I a.) Got it for free, b.) It's currently the only Windows 10 device I own, and therefore is my only option for some programs, and c.) I hate letting computers go to waste. There's no reason to throw them out, even when broken. You can always harvest them for parts, use them as learning tools by breaking them down and examine how they work, and repurpose them in really neat ways. Also, don't recycle it at random retail stores. Either donate them to ACTUAL charities, or sell it for parts on Ebay. This way the computer gets actual use, and not just thrown out by someone who isn't you. I'm sorry for the tangent, I'm just very passionate about this! ;v;

One last thing before you go, the following link has some good reviews with tips, so it's worth checking out. If you're at your wit's end, look up "Gateway DX" on Newegg, lots of reviews and Q&As there have good info.

How To Upgrade To Windows 11

It says you can't because the hardware isn't good enough, but actually this is good, because you literally shouldn't. Please don't upgrade unless your computer meets the minimum requirements. If you have to go into the Inside Program to get beta builds because that's all they'll let you install, there might be a reason. Maybe you shouldn't. Please don't be like me.

Removing The Side Panel (the easy side)

comin' soon lmao

Removing The Side Panel (hard side)

coming soon lmfaooooooooooooooo

Removing the Front

Important Video -

Tips - When I did it, the tabs along the unremovable panel were hard to get. The video says to pull them towards you, but I used an L-shaped piece of metal from a leftover Ikea project to hook it and pull it towards me. (Figure A) Also, when you have all the tabs loose and are pulling off the area around the card readers, the way it came off was odd for me, personally. I let go of it to grab something and it came loose when I let go, so if you're having trouble, maybe try gently wiggling it a bit. Tabs can be finicky, and plastic ones are brittle, so be very careful! Obviously, try what the video said before my tip.

(Image placeholder for L-shape)

Replacing the Disk Drive

The main hurdle is that awkward grate that they have where the drive would peek out. (Figure B) At this point, I had been working with teh computer for a couple hours, so I was a bit frustrated... But the way I got it out was punching in the bottom with the blunt end of my screwdriver. The top of the grating pushed out towards me. It's attached only by a bit of metal at the edges, so you can easily twist it off once it's loose. Then you can pull it out, slide in the disk drive, and plug it in!

Installing New Hard Drives

Of course, this is about actually replacing the physical drive. From my experience, it doesn't seem to matter where in the casing the drive goes, so if you're lazy, feel free to leave it dangling. But once I got the front panel off, there was a nice, cute little spot below the lower DVD drive that perfectly fit my new SSD. All you have to do is take out the metal placeholder. (Figure C) So that's where it ended up. Personally, I don't understand how the SATA cables work, so it was a bit of trial and error getting everything to work, but it was only a few restarts and BIOS beeps.

Failed Updates/Frozen Updates

If you find that the computer freezes up during updates, it's the WiFi card. I have no clue why, but that's just how it is. You'll have to remove the side panel and remove the card. (The one the WiFi antenna is connected to.) It's not too hard. The main headache is that you'll have to find an Ethernet cable and plug the computer into that during the updates. (It will almost certainly need a network connection to download things, so you'll need to plug it in.) But if you can manage this, it seems to be an uncommon problem, so you shouldn't have to go through the trouble again. (At least, I haven't...)

RAM Upgrades - What and where?

DDR3 RAM. I'm still looking into this, so updates coming soon...

Let's go home.