Born on: April 30, 2021

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Welcome to my site!!

If you're new here, the most popular attraction is the Scavenger Hunt! Throughout the site there are 7 pages to find 88x31 buttons to collect! Some are hidden quite well, so you'll have to be creative and quite the thinker to find 'em all...

If you've been here before, the site has changed quite a lot! All in all, it's a similar visual theme to v1.0, but with the content of v2.0, and now with a lot more polish and care! Pages' text has been updated, graphics have been swapped around, and some pages were unfortunately retired... But new pages were introduced! It will fill the void, I assure you. I can't imagine anyone would even remember "Random Ramblings", I updated that page twice and it was boring lmao

And for anyone new or old, the "Articles" page has been updated. It's relatively new, but I'm quite proud of it, so please check it out when you're bored sometime!

Regardless of your timezone, have a wonderful evening! It's always evening here, because that's when the air is its most nostalgic and comforting. Enjoy your stay.

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