Full Name: shiba inu incarnate

Age: 20

Height: 6'4

Strengths: ballin'

Weaknesses: He doesn't have any real "weaknesses" but he doesn't like spicy food, if that counts? He also doesn't like being considered "popular", he plays sports as a career out of love for the sport, he hates being a public figure. Another big weak spot for him is cute people. He gets like a flustered anime girl if he sees someone cute.

Dislikes: He hates mean people. He won't hesitate to empty a Big Gulp on your head if he sees you kicking a puppy.

Likes: Junk food, Mario games, dogs, having fun! Your average Himbo.

Voice Claim

Basic Info: A fun guy who loves sports and his friends! In his world, he's a pretty popular baseball player, not as much for him being good at the sport (though he is) but because he's cute and fun. The team owner does use this to their advantage since no one likes baseball. but everyone likes cute boys. This does make Ruby sad, since he actually likes the game. (Ruby: "Noooooooo, I don't wanna be a marketable plushie!" Team Manager: "haha plushie time") As a person, Ruby is super fun and sociable! To be honest, he almost never is without a dumb grin and peppy demeanor. (Which makes it a bit unsettling for his friends when he gets in a bad mood. The contrast is quite a lot.) He's not dumb, but tends to be a bit ditzy at times. He's too busy having fun to use his braincells or something idk. In the off season he works at a convenience store so he can meet more people have have fun! Overall, his life is laid-back, and he doesn't like adding stress to his life.

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Fun Factz

  • His favorite Pokemon generation is Gen 4! Obviously it was his first/childhood Pokemon game, so he likes it best. He argues with Emerald about which is the best games, and they'll go on for way too long about it.
  • He secretly likes some anime, but is weird about it, since he doesn't want to be "that guy". Don't let him fool you, though. He loves MHA, because it's cheesy and motivating. He gets gushy because of how determined Deku is to be a hero.
  • Favorite fast food place is McDonald's! He knows it's basic, but he still loves it. He also is a big Wendy's enjoyer. You can never beat a burger with fries. (Or sometimes nuggets!) And on a similar note, his favorite soda is classic Coke.

Kin List:

  • The golden retriever that lives down the hall from him
  • Emu from Project Sekai
  • the himbo from Inside Job
  • Tom Cruise, but like in general
  • Hero AND Kel - Omori
  • Lucas Mother 3 - Mother 3
  • Flo Rida



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