Full Name: star sparkle. his name literally means star sparkle, 9th grade me really looked at tgis mf and chose violence huh (but for the record, it's Hoshi Kagayaku)

Age: 19

Height: 5'5

Strengths: Getting his way. He knows how to be manipulative.

Weaknesses: Most things, tbh

Likes: Being cute, sweet foods, fluffy animals, dressing up fancy.

Dislikes: Most things, tbh :(

Basic Info: Prince! He's the prince of a very snowy kingdom that I will not be elaborating on yet. He's a sweet boy who wants no more than a simple life of cute pastries and good friends to keep him company. However, for unknown reasons, his father dislikes him and is the main roadblock between Hoshi and his dream life. Hoshi's personality is very bubbly, though loud. He's outspoken, but in a positive, nice way. He also has a tendency to be idealistic and wish for life to be as pretty and romantic as it is in books. He is a prince, so why can't he live a life as glamourous as princesses in fairytales? Most of his life is him trying to achieve this unreasonable dream.

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