Positivity Time!!

Hey... C'mere...

Yeah, just a little bit closer...



*kisses u on the lips*

Ew! Gross! But I hoped you liked that! I can tell you're really going through it, so I'm here to help! On this page you'll find all the things that make me feel good, some nice messages, and hopefully you'll feel good too!

And before you go, just remember that you probably rock! Don't let others bring you down because this is your life, not theirs. Live your truth, and do whatever you want. We all die one day, so take advantage of this. It's now or never, so live it!

Nice Places Around Town!

Soft Heart Clinic

5 AM Girlfriend

Things I Do To Be Happy

    Drinking something that perks me up, like soda or coffee

    Wearing outfits I like/Dressing up/Cosplay

    Wearing shoes instead of just socks (mental trick, makes you think you're doing something important/less relaxed)

    Going outside/fresh air

    Driving at night with synthy songs

    Nostalgic Pinterest boards

    Watching nostalgic shows on a CRT TV (at night, adds more atmosphere!)

    Playing video games, especially GBA or DS games! The more nostalgia the better.

    Scott The Woz

    Watching good TV shows (like, REALLY good ones)

    Creative things, like this site!

    McDonald's Exercise

    Decorating a cake! Trust me, it's fun! But don't take it too seriously, have fun with it!

    Self care + drinking tea

    Drive fast down roads while jamming out! (But at a reasonable volume, please!!) Windows down dawg, it's much better that way!

    Go to the mall! It's fun, but not too far or expensive if you just walk around! Perfect for a quick breath of mall air!

Let's go home.