Da Rules!

Welcome to the official rules page for my site's scavenger hunt! It's quite small, but still fun! Right now there are only 8 pages to find. The way to find them is by wandering around aimlessly, and probably accidentally clicking something you didn't mean to, but did, and now you found one of the pages!

And here's a list so you can keep track of them! Just make sure to keep the tab open, since it doesn't save! At all.

Only rule is that you don't cheat or something. Like, I'll try to keep the URLs unguessable, but still don't try!!!!!! There will be no penalty, but it will be your loss for having wasted your afternoon not having as much fun as you could have.

And for the same reason, please don't use the site's dashboard/profile to find the pages! Again, can't stop ya, but that would be no fun!

One last thing before you go, do feel free to put your badges on your buttons pages! Just make sure you link back to my homepage rather than this page or the one you found it on! If you need help getting there, click the icon at the bottom of the page to go back home! Thanks, and happy hunting!!

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    Friend 3!

    Friend 4!

    Friend 5!

    Friend 6!

    Friend 7!

    Secret path!

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