This page is where I'll keep a log of updates that matter, and sometimes updates that don't!


Since I don't see myself updating this site for a while, I'm ashamed to say it's on the dreaded... hiatus! *vine thud* Because I'm busy with school, work, lowkey sick with another cold, and being generally miserable, I'm not going to put out updates for a while. I wanted to post an official notice on the site sinec I know some webrings get weird if you don't update for a while. I think for some it's a few months before you're subject to removal? Idk, but please know the site isn't abandoned, I pay for this domain, I'll be damnned if I forget it exists.

If you want to know when the updates will be, probably summer. May, June? That's when I'll be less busy. (Less, but still somewhat busy.) For more content that updates infrequently but more consistant, I post art over here. Check it out, if you like pretty boys and cute girls.

In other news, I've been watching more anime lately. Fruits Basket is really good. Never finished it as a kid, so it's nice to finally enjoy it so many years later! I'm watching the reboot, and looking back at the original is... interesting!! Another surprisingly wholesome anime is My Dressup Darling. It's a bit suggestive, but I really vibe with Marin. She's an icon and honestly inspires me to pursue my own cosplay dreams ;v;

Alas, it's time for me to retreat back into my coom cave... Hopefully when I come back from the depths, I'll be less miserable. We'll see.

Goodnight, and sleep tight!!☆


*groans and flops over, very tired* I neutered the site to make it more... Quality over quantity. Again! I do this all the time. More pages were retired. OCs is still abandoned, yet to be finished. More buttons added. The Usual. Christmas theme is gone, since it's out of season.

Last-minute note, I've been trying to fix image scaling, as it looks like ass on some displays. Be a pal and let me know if you run into troubles with janky images.

Last fixes are that the cursor trail was readded to Home after the conflicting widget was removed, and banner ads are back! Finally. Who would have thought ad blockers block elements with "banner-ad" in the name?


Added blinkee section to Buttons, fixed some cursor glitter trails which weren't all the right colors, worked on OCs pages, added banner ads to most surface level pages, and added original site graphics to Index and Home. So cool!

As it turns out, what my site lacked was annoying graphics. If y'all hate the banner ads, well... Sucks to suck, doesn't it? I think they're neat. I thought about doing BannerLink, but where's the fun in that? I wanted to put handpicked Ads, from my journeys around the web and Archive.org. My Ads are ethically sourced, farm-raised advertisements. I'm quite proud of them, to be honest.

I still can't figure out how to get deeper pages to work offline, so I'm still sorry about the busted OCs pages. It's frustrating to work on them. But who cares? I can't post most of my characters there anyways, I'm planning on using them for things and I don't want floating around the net. Enjoy the skrunklies I did post, those I'm not doing big projects with and will gladly share with you!

Not a fan of the new graphics on index/home. They look kinda stupid, but it's better than before. Index was periodically some random asset off GifCities, and home was whatever font and color I decided to write the site name in on Picasion that week. They're stupid, but they're mine now. I'm also trying to be more of a "webmaster" and omnipotent being, since its how other site owners I look up to are, but I'm not a fan. I don't like being a figure on the site, I'd rather be out of the way. But a couple GIFs aren't too bad, at least they give a face to the mania.


v3.0 is here! Changes from v2 include (but are not limited to) new space theme reminiscent of v1, new graphics all over, revamped "based" button" which I need to add by the end of today, new articles added, articles and OCs pages have been restructured to be more efficient, new favicon, and minor changes all over! It's not anything drastic, but I'm much happier with it.

Other major announcements, site changes will be few and far between, since I really liked how this one went. I'll start doing that more often, while this one is up, I'll be working on another major update offline. For funsies I'll increment it like software! We are in v3.0! How cool.

Upcoming whatever includes (but will never be limited to): Finishing the OC pages, adding more articles, adding more recipes, better graphics, and... best of all... Sometime In November I'll implement the Christmas theme. I know, I know, Thanksgiving, and I'll have those graphics, but I want to implement it early so I can fix any problems, enjoy it longer, and in case I experience any delays I have the buffer time.

And that's all for now! Nobody does, but please let me know of any issues in the guestbook. I'd appreciate it, I know I'm forgetting to fix a page or two... I know they're out there.

Let's go home.