This page is where I'll keep a log of updates that matter, and sometimes updates that don't!



Today and yesterday I have been finishing the current batch of OC pages. Note to self to add "back" button for pages more than a couple pages deep.


Small updates, preparing to finish the OC pages. Summer lull is almost over, but not yet. It will be a rocky finish, but once I'm moved into my new place there should be more updates.


Most updates today are small... Except...!

The site is .net now!!! So cool!!!! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been out getting the bag.


Added a new article. Go give it a read, when you have a minute.


Small changes to prepare for new sections. Fixed About-Me, since it was a page of oversharing. Really, y'all don't need to know taht much about me. It's back to being vague and short.


I no longer need to update the Flash Portal, because there no longer is one! I decided it isn't worth keeping around for a menagerie of reasons. If you want any of the .swf files, either contact me, or visit the Flashpoint Viewer!

Personal checklist: Build up the OCs section, work on About (site), clean up About (self). Add main page code snippit.


Fixed some of the below Flash problems. Only problem is I need to center it all. Going to add a better about me section. I like reading about othet site owners. I guess I should return the favor and let others know more about me, no?

But sorry for zero updates! I haven't been feeling very "Viva Happy" lately. I've spent most of the last few weeks playing Project Sekai... I've been feeling pretty crappy. But at least working on the site helps me feel better! I just have to actually get up and do it. The site feels really stale imo, so I'll have to look into implementing new stuff. I don't want it to remain stagnant, so I need to figure out what it needs!


Small updates, fixed a couple broken links and started to finish the Flash section. It's going to be a dry spell this summer, offline and online. Don't expect much from me these coming months!

Flash Portal checklist: More games, favicons, fix the layout, fix the cheese buttons.


Added favicons to the pages. Finally.


I finally fixed Quieres' button, and added a couple new friends! The last thing on my to-do list is the Flash section, which I didn't realize was pitifully broken until this morning. I'll try to do that later!


Re-implemented a secret page that got lost in the redesign. It's hard to find, though! And the button is still missing, so wait a few weeks for when that's fixed.

Unimportant update, have you had green tea lately? It slaps, man.


If you couldn't tell, the site has been completely redesigned, from top to bottom, from index to... uh... I was going to say secret pages, but those aren't finished. The only thing, actually. But anyways... I came here to say that updates are going to come to a standstill. In the future, aside from -maybe- finishing secret pages, the only updates for a while will be on my end, organizing code and making it more managable. You know how HTML has indents to organize based on heirarchy, kinda? Yeah, so I threw that out the window minutes into first making the site. It's about time I fix that.

I don't have much more to say, so I hope you enjoy the site! And your summer! It's finally back to being way too hot where I live, and I'm absolutely thrilled. I hope you all enjoy the heat!


Found out the cheese cubes weren't working well, so I fixed those. Now I think the only big updates that are needed is to fix/replace a bunch of graphics and to finally add more friends to the scavenger hunt. For context, I planned the new ones in December probably, and started the buttons a month ago. I've been really lazy.

Edit: So I accidentally did way more than I thought I would! I fixed more graphics, changed hyperlink colors, and did lots of small things I can't remember, but know they made the site look and feel nicer! Still no friend buttons, yet. I'll do those... someday.


Finally got around to learning tables! Any pages intended to be viewed by people have been tabled! Minus the Flash section, but that's a garbage fire I'll deal with at a later date.


Update is that all previous updates have been wiped. New site, new logs! Changes so far: Centered text, new site background, new theming (bedtime/space/childood nostalgia), dumped a few pages, no more comment box on main page.

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